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Henry Nona - Facilitator

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Henry Nona is a Teppathiggi (Far North Qld) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man who was born on Thursday Island (Waiban).

Currently employed by as a Cultural Capability Officer.  Delivering Torres Strait Islander Custom and Traditions to participants.  The purpose of the position is requiring extensive cultural knowledge, understanding and sensitivity to the issues and protocols associated with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultures. As a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man I travelled extensively throughout Queensland and Australia and engaged with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander regional and urban organisations and businesses.


Growing up on Badu Island and later relocating to Cairns, the primary language spoken at home was “kala Laga Ya – western island and Creole” which are both fluently spoken.

When communicating with other Islanders who don’t speak the same language, creole is spoken to best understand each other.

Henry was taught both custom and culture by his parents and grandparents with the importance of carrying on the knowledge and passing it onto others, especially the next generation.

Up until 2021, Henry had been employed by Qld Health as a Cultural Capability Officer over a period exceeding over 10 years delivering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander components to Qld Health staff.  In this position, Henry also provides advice and recommendations regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait practices in the workplace.

Staff are educated on the cultural differences between urban, rural and remote communities.
Henry recently travelled with Palliative Care Qld and UQ as a consultant to the Torres Strait Islands.