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Capability Statement

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country is a most respected and highly recognised Diplomatic Tradition performed by the Traditional Owners of theCountry of the Land we each stand on, walk on and live on. Traditional Owners Welcome to Country can be highly formal or informal to suit the occasion. The importance of ‘Welcome to Country’ is a diplomatic protocol that can only be carried out by the Traditional Owners of Country that you are standing on in the moment. To pay respect to the Traditional Owners of Country displays a knowledge and integrity of a maturing relationship between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal peoples.

Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Country is an ancient cultural diplomatic protocol that has been in practiced in this Great Island Land for thousands of years. People who perform the duty of ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ become participants in continuing this ancient cultural practice, because indeed we all walk in the first footprints of Aboriginal people throughout this Land. It is an important way for non-Aboriginal peoples to begin to build a closer relationship with Aboriginal people and the Land that many people now call home.

‘Acknowledgement of Country’ is a duty that may be carried out by Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal peoples whenever the occasion arises.

Acknowledgement of Country:

an example

Here, in this Great Island home of ours now known as Australia, Aboriginal people have lived and practiced their culture for many thousands of years. Today each and everyone of us who live in this great Land can be a part of this continuing ancient culture by carrying out important Diplomatic protocols. The important protocol I am carrying out today is Acknowledging the Tradition Owners of the Land we are standing on and all their Countrymen. Further I would like to respectfully Acknowledge all Elders, and welcome everyone to this event today.


The Aboriginal flag

Designed by Harold Thomas

The colour ‘Black’ at the top of the flag, represents all Aboriginal peoples of this Great Island home of ours. The importance of the sun is represented by the ‘Yellow’ disk placed in the very centre of the flag. The colour ‘Red’ represents the Land we all walk on, live on and breath on, with some Aboriginal people interpreting the Red as the blood spilt by many Aboriginal people fighting for and defending their Land from invasion.


The Torres Strait Islander Flag

Designed by Bernard Namok

The top and bottom ‘Green’ panels of the flag represents the Land of the Torres Strait Islands. The  Black’ lines between the Blue and Green panels represents all Torres Strait Islander people. The wide expanse of ‘Blue’ in the middle of the flag represents the surrounding seas and oceans. In the centre of the flag is a “White Dhari” a highly significant and important symbol for all Torres Strait Islander people.


BlackCard Pty Ltd is a Murri owned business that provides education, training and consultancy services to enable people and organisations to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community.

We work with people, not for people ’ Walking the One Path’; acknowledging history and culture and creating a society that includes us all in a meaningful and productive way.