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5 module webinar program

Understanding the difference between an Acknowledgement of Country vs Welcome to Country

Introducing Aboriginal Terms of Reference via BlackCard’s Cultural
Capability Framework

Aboriginal Approaches to Teaching & Learning House Keeping – Congeniality circle, no note taking, respect, storytelling, deep listening and deep learning, no watches

Warning message re: Sorry Business/Unpacking the pre-workshop videos on Identity

Introductions using Aboriginal Terms of Reference. You are not to mention what you do; only talk about who you are as a human being. Each participant has 1min to share their story, questions are provided in the participant handbook.

Explanation of introductions and the importance of creating congenial
fellowship amongst the group.

Homework: – complete module 2 “Uncle Charlie’s Time Clock” on the BlackCard Learning Portal

Unpacking statistics around 7 areas which are measured in the Close the Gap strategy

How do the events discussed on Uncle Charlie’s Time Clock continue to impact Indigenous communities today?

How have these events impacted to the gaps continuing to impact Aboriginal peoples? How has it impacted on reconciliation?

What role does your organisation play/could play to limit these impacts?

Homework: video – Introduction to Colonialism by Dr Lilla Watson on the BlackCard Learning Portal

What are the ongoing impacts of Colonialism?

How have the various Acts, Stolen Wages etc. contributed to the today’s current environment?

Homework: video – Stan Grant’s “The Australian Dream” speech on the BlackCard Learning Portal

How do Aboriginal Terms of Reference apply to my organisation and my work?

Who are our key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders?

What sort of relationship do they want to have with us?

Working within Aboriginal Terms of Reference, what do we need to consider to build strong relationships?

Homework: read – Dr Mary Graham’s published paper “Relationality” on the BlackCard Learning Portal

Understanding Relationality and Logic

Deep dive into Country, Identity, Governance / Elders, Family and Community

Homework: video – Bruce Pascoe at TedX on the BlackCard Learning Portal